Can I prevent a fall?

Yes — falls are frequently preventable.

Sometimes people ignore changes in their balance and even times when they nearly fall. Some people spend too much time sitting — which can weaken their leg muscles.

If you start to notice that your legs are weaker, or that your balance is off, you should talk to your physician. Many things can affect your balance.

Can I prevent a fall?

Joan discusses talking to her doctor about preventing falls

Patient receiving gait analysis

Several times I noticed that I was not walking in a straight line. At home, it seemed as if I wanted to sort of go to the right or to the left. So I mentioned it to my doctor. And she had the right answer — I have found. And that is, I needed to go to an athletic center and take exercises that would help me in that regard. And so the people, at that particular center, analyzed my gait and gave me various kinds of exercises and then prescribed a routine that would help me. I am so grateful to my doctor that she gave me that recommendation. I’m doing much better.

Can I prevent a fall?

Your physician can:

Check your vision.
Low vision makes it harder to see steps or curbs.
Check your nerves in your feet.
Decreased foot sensation makes it harder to feel where you are walking.
Check your eating and fluid drinking habits.
If you become dehydrated or skip meals, you may be lightheaded and fall.
Review your medications.
Some medications can make you more tired or affect your balance and are not good for older adults.
Check your muscles.
You might need strengthening exercises or physical therapy.