No one knows what their future health holds, but every­one wants to have their voice heard through­out their lifespan.

This website will help you plan for health events such as hos­pital­izations, falls, and memory loss that may happen as people get older. This plan­ning differs from end-of-life care and wills.

About This Site

Each section on Plan Your Lifespan® will cover an advanced life event that may increasingly happen to people as they age. The life events that are presented include:

  • Hospitalizations: Learn what resources are available and how to connect with local in-home services should you need help after a hospitalization. Find out what rehabilitation options are available to you and choose where you would like to receive care should you ever need it.
  • Falls: Learn practical steps you can take to help prevent falls and make your home safer.
  • Memory Loss: Find out what your care options are should you ever experience memory loss and share your long-term goals with loved ones.
  • Also find information on how to communicate with others and finding ways to afford your plans and preferences.

This valuable information is known by doctors, nurses, and social workers, but often is not passed onto older adults.

By having the real-life choices people have to make regarding these advanced life events and critical information shared with you, you will be given the tools to help you make your choices and share them with those most important to you.

You will have the option to pick what you would like in case any of these events happen. If you would like a copy of your choices or would like to share them with others, a Summary can be printed at any time.

  • If you would like to receive a copy by email, you can choose to enter your email.
  • You will have the option of sending a copy of your summary to a loved one.
  • All of your choices are confidential. Your email address will not be shared or distributed.

If you Sign Up, your information will be saved for you to return at any time. If you Continue As A Guest, you can access the site but your information will not be saved. If you change your mind and wish to save it, click sign-in at any time.

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