Easing the burden

Alan and Jule discuss sharing their future living preferences and easing burden on their children.

We just don’t think it’s fair to burden children with the care of senior citizens. I guess we’re senior citizens now. But, it was something that we did talk with both of the kids about it as we were thinking about this, thinking about our plans. And we had very very strong support and encouragement. And I still remember when we called our daughter and told her that we put a deposit down in this retirement community, I had to hold the phone out here because she went “Yahoo!” She was very very supportive and very pleased that we had come to this decision on our own. Certainly, we talked with the kids about it, but they were very very pleased. And they have, I believe, a great load taken off their shoulders through our decisions. And that, I guess you can be a little self-centered perhaps and say that’s a true gift that we’re giving them. But, I really do believe it is important because they know that we will have care, right on through to the end, as long as we need it.

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