Sharing my plans with others

Jane talks about starting a conversation with family about her future health plans.

So, I was lucky. I have a daughter who is a nurse and I wanted to change my healthcare power of attorney and so I called her up and I said, “I would like you to be my healthcare power of attorney but let’s have a talk. And why don’t we do a sleepover and why don’t you come over.” And so she did. She came over, we had a couple of glasses of wine and some nice food, and we talked. And it was in my living room. We talked for probably three hours and talked about everything. And I think what was important to me was that she knew me. She’s known me for 20 years, but she knew so much about me. We got into so much as in, if you’re in a nursing home or if you’re in a hospital room, do you want to be by a window, do you want to be higher up? So we talked about that. I happen to like traffic. I like to see people going by on the street. I like action. She got that far into it. And she’s also a nurse and she was able to really ask me some very very important questions, I think. It was a wonderful evening and I love the fact that she knew me well after that. And she agreed to be my healthcare power of attorney, which I was hoping, and I’ve signed all the kinds of things that I needed to sign for that. And, of course, the thing is now, I’ve noticed that she’s even more solicitous. This is very interesting, I see her quite often and she’s very solicitous. And she’s always asking me about my blood pressure and how is this going and how’s that going. I love it, but I’m lucky because I think she was the right person. Sometimes it’s difficult to get the right person.

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