Most Hospitalizations are Unplanned

Catherine discusses her experience with rehabilitation after a hospitalization.


I think an important part of balance is really good physical therapy- to maintain balance, to keep it from deteriorating, and to improve it. Starting last January I went twice a week, in the bitter cold, to a really fine hospital and got physical therapy to improve my balance. I feel it's made a difference for me. It has certainly increased my self-confidence. I think it's important to work with somebody, a physical therapist, whom you like and respect and trust. And that was the case with me. I also got after-care when I came home after the hospital, after open-heart surgery. I worked with a home health care provider, she was wonderful- very caring, very gentle, very understanding. She helped me in the shower, she helped me dress, and she was an important part of my recovery. I recommend home health care, from a good provider, as a key element in your recovery.

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